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Our mission is to shape the future of our communities by supporting, educating, and advocating for independent drivers, riders, and member organizations.

We were founded by a group of activist drivers who fought to maintain their independence against burdensome regulations the City of Seattle tried to impose on us through the Collective Bargaining Ordinance. Today we have over 2,000 members who are working to expand economic opportunity for independent drivers, increase reliable transportation and delivery options for consumers, and contribute to our vibrant and diverse communities.

Led by our Member Advisory Committee, together our members have had their voices heard and successfully forestalled legislation negatively impacting our businesses by organizing protests, collecting petition signatures, and testifying before municipal, county, and state legislative bodies. We have provided valuable educational programing to help our members run successful businesses and adapt to changes in our industry.  Together, we’ll continue to share information, educate our members and take action to keep our communities in motion.

Drive Forward Seattle is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

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